Using the Zetafax Checker

The Zetafax Checker program is used to quickly, and easily gather the Zetafax Server standard log and configuration files. These files can be used to investigate general issues and also provided an overview on an installation.

Please do the following on the Zetafax Server machine in order to obtain Checker files:

1. Create a new folder on the desktop, name this Zetafax Files.

2. On Zetafax Server version 9.0 and later: click on Start, select Programs, then expand the Zetafax folder and click on Zetafax Checker.

3. On Zetafax version 8.0: open Windows Explorer, then browse to 'Zfax\SERVER' where Zfax is the root folder of the Zetafax server installation, locate and click on ZETAFAXINFO.EXE .

4. In the Zetafax Checker program click on Save.

5. In the Save As dialog browse to the Zetafax Files folder on the desktop.

6. In the File Name box type info.txt .

7. Click on Save.

8. If other log files have been specifically requested then copy these to the Zetafax Files folder .

9. Using a compression program such as WinZip or Windows Compression, zip the folder so that it can be email in to Equisys support.